Our stands are crafted from powder-coated Aluminium, so they are extremely durable, yet light enough for one person to move. Although the stand is powder-coated, keep it clean and away from excessive moisture to prevent rusting. Do not use abrasive cleaners, rubbing alcohol, astringents, detergents, bleach based cleaners, abrasive cleaning pads or aggressive chemicals on the Sagitine stands, especially the brass finish. For general cleaning, we recommend a damp cloth with warm water and a natural plant based detergent. Always wear gloves to avoid finger prints.


Our boxes are crafted from coated FSC certified paper and can be damaged if they are not treated with care. Keep your Sagitine boxes dry and away from any sources of moisture. To clean your boxes, we recommend a dry cloth to gently dust, or an eraser for stubborn marks. Treat your boxes with care so as not to soil the paper.  Care for the leather pull with a leather cleaner & conditioner every few months to keep the leather in as-new condition. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.


Care for your garments and shoes during off-season.

Silk, Cashmere & Wool

Precious garments in silk, cashmere and wool deserve extra care on off-seasons. The ideal method for storing your precious garment entails wrapping in acid free tissue paper, placing it in a muslin bags, then storing in a Sagitine box.  Slip some cedar blocks directly in amongst the garment to repel moths, and place some Sagitine aromatic pouches inside the muslin bag to complete the ritual.  We recommend that you periodically shake out your garment, and air in bright light on a dry day before returning it back to its Sagitine box.


Your shoes and boots can age beautifully when cared for and stored correctly. Before housing them in their Sagitine shoe box, ensure they are free of dirt and dust. Your Sagitine shoeboxes provide enough room for your shoes to retain their shape. The insertion of a shoetree might be considered for additional shape retention. You can be confident that your Sagitine shoebox provides the necessary protection from dust and direct light.

Waterproofing can go a long way too, so ensure your shoes are free from dust and apply a waterproofing spray or cream to them before wearing them. This will apply an invisible protective coat that will allow water or stains to roll right off them, without settling in.