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“There are times when you feel so passionately about something, you want to share it with the world.”

- Tina Clark

Born from the desire to create practical luxury, Sagitine is a bespoke collection of furniture pieces for the design conscious home.

After almost two decades of cosmopolitan living in some of the world’s greatest shopping hubs, Founder and designer, Tina Clark, set out to create Sagitine as an answer to the lack of wardrobe solutions fit to house and preserve her collection of high fashion treasures.

Tina’s globe-trotting habits, combined with an idyllic childhood surrounded by luxury textiles and high-end fashion has resulted in an assembly of refined, premium furniture. The inherent multipurpose design and elegant aesthetics have allowed the Sagitine pieces a place in any room of the home, from the bedroom to the living space.

A passion for chic and functional design is evident across the collections; the subtly curved profiles with a strong art deco influence, the monogrammed leather pulls and the minimalist frames, enhancing the contemporary home and classical abode alike.

Referencing the international cities frequented by Tina, each piece evokes characteristics akin to their name-sake; New York for its skyline, Shanghai for its urban dynamism and Milan for its unique style.

Capturing the essence of design & functionality, Sagitine has since exhibited at Milan Design Week 2018, with one custom piece acquired by the famed Rosanna Orlandi Gallery. Tina’s approach to furniture practicality, without compromising on style, has allowed Sagitine a place within even the most discerning of luxury interiors.

Tina’s collection of prized fashion items are now stored carefully within her Sagitine boxes, wrapped in acid-free paper, the cedar blocks warding off any unwanted guests. The arrival of her two gorgeous daughters mean there is an added incentive to preserve the quality of her belongings; as a fashion inheritance for her sweet girls.